Replacement of a missing tooth is possible in a variety of ways

A missing tooth is too serious to be ignored

Losing a tooth can cause psychological trauma and have long-lasting effects on your mental health and dentition. Today’s dental care advancement means we can use newer techniques and technology to prevent tooth loss. However, when a tooth is severely decayed, infected or broken down, it becomes necessary to remove it.

But,  how to use the space left after a tooth is removed?
To answer that, we have listed the options for you down below.

Leave A Space

It depends on the missing tooth’s location, but leaving a space is often the easiest and quickest option. Wisdom teeth can be removed, and it is often unnecessary to replace them.

The number of missing teeth is another factor to consider. It helps to determine if a replacement is needed for the mouth to keep functioning properly.

The replacement is less critical if they aren’t necessary for aesthetics or functions. However, this can be very selective. Many people feel the need to have a new tooth replaced even if the procedure is not required.

Sometimes, leaving a space is a prerequisite for closing it with orthodontic treatment. Some orthodontic procedures call for extracting neighbouring teeth to complete the space in individuals with severe crowding.

Removable Partial Denture

It is an outdated method of treating a tooth. It involves replacing a tooth with an artificial one made of acrylic or ceramic and fusing it with an acrylic base or metal base.

Partial dentures are removed if more than one space needs to be filled. They work well as temporary devices while the area where the tooth was extracted heals sufficiently to allow us to place a more permanent replacement.

Removable partial dentures should be taken out at night. They can also be unstable and difficult to retain.

Fixed Dental Bridge Or Fixed Partial Denture

Depending on how many are attached to or stabilised by neighbouring teeth, this treatment is performed in various methods.

A conventional bridge has a crown placed on the tooth directly anterior to the space and another posterior to it. These crowns can also be joined to artificial teeth that are fused to them and give the appearance of natural teeth.

Another way to attach an artificial tooth to a bridge is to use wings to attach it to the inside of adjacent teeth. This type of bridge does not require adjacent teeth drilling.

Dental Bridge in Cardiff can only be used in specific spaces and does not apply to all spaces. These limitations can include but are not limited to the size or length of the space (e.g. The number of missing teeth, the condition of adjacent teeth to which the bridge must be attached, and the overall health of the dental system.

Bridges can be more challenging to clean, so you must use super floss or other cleaning products to maintain them.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants have been the closest to replacing our natural teeth. The implant is made of titanium, and a screw is inserted into the bone to replace the tooth. After the implant is secured and stabilised by the bone surrounding it, a crown can be placed. It gives the tooth the appearance and function of a natural one.

When properly placed and fully healed, implants give the appearance and sensation of natural teeth and are resistant to decay. Implants have a higher success rate than the other options and are the most comfortable way to replace a tooth.

Implants don’t need to be attached to adjacent teeth. Therefore, it is easier to look after them. You can clean them the same way as regular teeth. However, they are susceptible to gum disease and bone loss.

To ensure implant success, we must ensure adequate bone density and quality. We also need to manage certain medical conditions like diabetes.

Orthodontic Space Closure

Sometimes, orthodontic appliances like wires and aligners can close a space. Although this may be time-consuming, it can be an effective way to close a gap if the area isn’t too large and the teeth that need to be moved are healthy enough.

Our dentists are highly qualified to evaluate and recommend the best treatment for missing teeth. Make an appointment to meet with one of our dental professionals, who will be glad to help you find the best path towards good dental health.