How does dental hygiene in Cardiff work?

How does dental hygiene in Cardiff work?

Dental hygiene is one of the key forms of preventive dental care that we provide at our dental clinic to help stop the development of oral illnesses and infections. Our exceptional dental hygiene treatment is provided by a professional hygienist who will seek to eliminate any accumulation of tartar or plaque on the surfaces of the teeth.

Our dental hygienists offer an assessment of the overall health of your teeth with special instruments that also ensure the surfaces are clean and healthy. In addition to these dental treatments, our hygienists also offer our patients industry-proven tips on maintaining their dental health and how to brush and floss correctly. But that’s not all!

Catering to your requirements

In our state of the art dental practice in Cardiff, we treat each patient as an individual case, which is why we promote customised dental plans. 

Most of our patients who have received bridges, dental implants, or even dentures might be confused about what to do with their teeth and how to look after them. Every patient who comes to our clinic for oral hygiene in Cardiff will receive a personalised treatment plan to ensure that they use the correct brushes, like interdental brushes, and are flossing with the correct method.

It’s more than just an amount and polish.

A polish and scale is a ubiquitous procedure in the world of dental hygiene. It involves the elimination of plaque that has built up on the surface of the teeth, which oral bacteria can cause. Although it is crucial to perform polishing and scaling, we know there’s more to dental hygiene. That’s why we offer an array of dental procedures.

Why should you choose our dental clinic for good dental health in Cardiff?

Choosing a dental facility can be challenging, particularly for small children. However, we believe that we can provide for your dental requirements! Putting aside the field of operation, we are also determined to offer a compassionate and professional approach to dental care in a tidy and modern dental setting. 

Our practice is diverse and wide-ranging – and that is why we do not just offer general dental care and restorative treatments but also preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures.

When should I attend a dentist for a health appointment?

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that patients visit our clinic at least every six months, but it’s difficult to determine the exact universal time frame as each case is different. Patients who are more susceptible to the accumulation of plaque and possibly those who don’t brush properly and consume foods and drinks with a high amount of sugar could require more frequent visits to our dental clinic.

How much will your dental hygiene visits cost?

In our dental clinic in Cardiff, we accept patients with every dental need and all financial situations. We are committed to promoting diversity, which is the reason we do not just provide private dental services. We also cater to NHS patients! If you are considering personal dental services, visit us and discuss your needs and together we can find a solution.