Gum Hygiene in Cyncoed, you're in the right place

Maintaining good gum health is something that can affect your overall health in a significant way. If you are dealing with bad breath, inflamed gums or aching teeth, you will need to see a dental hygienist at the earliest, otherwise you may lose your natural teeth as a result.

Why visit the hygienist?

If your gum health is not kept in check all year round, it can lead to serious dental conditions such as periodontal disease, which includes gingivitis.

Our dental therapist/hygienist has been trained to provide you with advice on how to observe good oral hygiene and offer treatments to keep your gum and tooth health in tip-top shape. When you make an appointment, your hygienist will discuss everything from brushing technique and flossing benefits to foods that must be avoided, so that your gum health remains intact.

Early symptoms of gum related problems include swollen/inflamed gums, bad breath or bleeding gums while brushing. Our dental hygienists will help address all your gum health concerns and offer their know-how to help you avoid gum disease.

Dental Veneers FAQs

It is recommended that you visit your dentist to discuss any serious issues you feel might be the cause for your oral problems. However, if your oral health is generally okay, but you wish to maintain good oral hygiene all year round, you can book a separate appointment to discuss your gum hygiene plan.

Even if you feel that your oral health is generally good, there may be issues that could be a cause for concern in future – it is best not to take any unnecessary risks when it comes to good gum hygiene. Regular hygiene check-ups can help you determine any future health conditions, while improving your sense of wellbeing and overall health as well.

Generally, you should go for an annual check-up at the very least. However, if you are currently dealing with mild to moderate oral health issues, you may need to visit your dental hygienist every 3 months or as directed.