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Fillings are a part of life for many people. However, with Facebook and Instagram making us more visible than ever, everyone is becoming more aware of their appearance. This is especially true of our smiles. This has caused a demand for more discreet alternatives to old fashioned metal fillings. This is where composite fillings can help.

What is a white filling?

A composite (white) filling is a resin made from a mixture of tooth-coloured plastic and a glass (silicon dioxide) filling. The first composite fillings date from the 1960s. In those days they could only be used for front teeth because of their softer composition. Nowadays, improvements in the composition mean that they can be used for all teeth.

Composite fillings are a little more complex than standard fillings, so they usually take about 15 minutes longer to fit. They are considered by the NHS to be a cosmetic treatment, meaning that they are not offered for free.

What are the pros and cons of composite fillings?

Most patients choose composite filling for their appearance. They are natural looking and hide the fact that you’ve undergone treatment. The disadvantage of composite fillings used to be their longevity. Traditionally they have been seen as being less durable than silver amalgam fillings. But things have moved on. Modern white composite fillings have similar properties to silver amalgam, making them both attractive and long-lasting. The lifespan of a composite filling depends on the location and depth of the cavity. Your dentist will be able to give you an accurate estimate of your filling’s longevity.

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