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Our natural looking dentures will give you back your smile.

Dentures to restore your smile - Cyncoed Dental Practice

Are missing teeth making it hard to enjoy your favourite foods? Are you lacking confidence because of gaps in your smile? Cyncoed Dental Practice is here to help. Dentures are a removable solution to missing teeth. Our contemporary dentures look and feel completely natural.

Losing a tooth can be a blow to your self-esteem, as well as making it hard to chew certain foods. It can also make you seem older by causing skin to sag. This is because teeth give cheeks their structure.

What are dentures made of?

Most of our dentures are made from acrylic resins. These dentures contain sturdy metal inserts to increase their longevity. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in recent years. There are many new cosmetic denture materials that can be used to create a natural looking replacement for missing teeth.

Advantages of dentures

Modern dentures are an affordable and natural looking solution to missing teeth. Dentures are also a great way to restore the function, bite, health and appearance of smiles that are missing several teeth. They can provide an effective temporary or long-term solution. If you already wear dentures and are finding them loose or uncomfortable, we can usually work out what’s wrong and solve the problem.

Immediate dentures

Depending on their condition, remaining teeth may need to be removed before a denture can be fitted. After this, the gums will need some time to heal before placing the denture. In these cases, we will fit a temporary denture in the meantime. This means you don’t have to wait to enjoy a natural smile.

The healing process takes about three months. During this time, it’s easy to modify immediate dentures. This is rare though since dentures don’t usually require any additional work besides dental impressions.

Looking for a denture solution in Cyncoed, Cardiff?

If you’re looking to replace missing teeth in Cyncoed, or just want to discuss your options, contact Cyncoed Dental Practice today for a free consultation.  

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