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Dental Hygiene in Cyncoed, Cardiff, we'd love to help

At Cyncoed Dental Practice, we have our own hygienist who is always glad to see patients from Cyncoed, Llanishen, Birchgrove, or anywhere else in the North Cardiff area. Even if you’re not a registered patient, you can still see our hygienist. Permanent members and existing patients can book an appointment with the hygienist, while new patients can use the service on a “direct access” basis. This allows you to see the hygienist without joining the practice permanently.

More about Dental Hygienists

A dental hygienist has two main jobs – to keep your teeth clean and to stop gum disease. They may also give advice on ways to achieve better oral hygiene at home. They are trained professionals with all the necessary skills to provide many types of preventative dental care.

Hygienists focus on the day-to-day health of your gums and teeth. A dentist is trained to perform more advanced procedures. This includes fitting implants, bridges and crowns.

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