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Don’t let bad teeth get you down.

Keep on smiling with Cfast.

Cfast is short for Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth. It uses transparent fixed braces to gently and gradually straighten teeth. It is a discreet solution thanks to its tooth-coloured brackets. Never again will you have to worry about protruding or crooked teeth. Cfast gives you the confidence of a flawless smile without the need for unsightly train track braces.

How Do Cfast Braces Straighten Teeth?

Many patients want a straighter, more natural looking smile. Cfast tooth-coloured braces are a great way to achieve this. The treatment can solve mild to moderate orthodontic issues in just four to six months.

Tooth-coloured brackets are attached to your teeth, and then pressure is gently applied using a system of nickel-titanium wire. Every bracket is specially designed to fit the shape of your teeth. Over time, this gentle pressure will guide teeth to their target position.

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More about Cfast

This comparison is not entirely justified since traditional orthodontics, aka. braces, move both the teeth and jaws, and are meant for help children bite and chew better. Cfast aligners cosmetically align the teeth and nothing else.

Once the Cfast aligners are fitted, you may feel slight discomfort, as is the case with any orthodontic procedure. However, any discomfort will typically subside after 7-10 days since the forces exerted by your aligners is very gentle.

You may have to slightly change the way you brush your teeth. Our dentists will explain how to continue observing good dental hygiene while wearing Cfast tooth coloured braces.