6 Month Smiles

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6 Month Smiles in Cyncoed, Cardiff, we'd love to help

Millions of adults are unhappy with their smiles, leaving them feeling embarrassed and lacking confidence. If you’re one of them, adult braces might be the answer.

For many adults, covering their mouths when they laugh talk or smile is a part of everyday life. If you are in this situation, you don’t want to wear unsightly adult braces, but you are worried that other procedures could be invasive or unaffordable. In short, you feel trapped.

Now your worries are over thanks to this safe, affordable and highly effective cosmetic brace solution.

What are 6 Month Smiles?

Clear braces are designed for anyone over 16 with spaced, crooked or misaligned teeth. Clear Braces are barely noticeable thanks to their transparent material and tooth-coloured wires. Best of all, the average course of treatment only takes SIX MONTHS!


Our Invisible Aligners are the last word in discretion. Even close up, they are almost impossible to see.


Our Aligners use a material called Zendura FLX. This has similar properties to the memory foam used in expensive mattresses. This is combined with highly flexible, scallop-shaped materials, fitted to the exact shape of your teeth.


Our expert dentists identify the teeth that are visible when you smile. Treatment is focused on making these teeth look as good as possible.


Our experienced dentists are trained to deliver the smile you've always wanted.


Transforming your smile can be life-changing and remember, it's only 6 months. It's worth it!


We offer 0% and low rate payment plans, helping you spread the cost into manageable monthly payments that fits into your lifestyle and addresses your needs.

"I Love my New Smile!"